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Photographers Notes:
Welcome VCS Families,
Please leave comments, tell me what you think, and leave messages for the graduates by Clicking on add a comments below the photo. You don’t have to be registered to this.
· If you would like a small change to a photo drop it in the photo comments, such as turning a photo to Black and White or fixing something that may be ode that I did not see.
· All photos are a 4x6 format so if you order an 8x10 the image will be cropped. You should click on cropping to manually crop all photos. Don’t let it auto crop at center.
· Note that I did convert some of my favorites to Black and White. I have a thing for BW.
· All proceeds from the photo are given to Valley Christian High and my time donated to make the photography work for you.
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I would like to say congratulations to all the graduates. I love the time I had with many of you and am thankful for the privilege to be a small part of your life. Special congratulations Cody, Jenna, Carolyn, Rachel and Lydia, I love you all dearly and will miss you smiling faces around the art room. You will always be my art student. I know God has a plan for your life’s, He will do big things, trust in Him step by step. Be a Jesus follower!<BR>Mr. Landwehr
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